At Tekna Packaging, we value technical superiority, commercial aggressiveness, and absolute ethics. Our values have emerged from observing our most successful relationships in action. We use these values to help us set goals, create opportunities, and achieve greatness; we see that these values are carried out on a daily basis in the following ways:

Technical Superiority
The most successful companies are not satisfied being just a “me too” organization.  These superior organizations take their work to the level of a “craft”. Regardless of the complexity of the business function, on a technical basis, the best are always a little better than their competitors. Tekna Packaging exhibits this principle as well.  In customer service, we are the most educated about our work – providing that knowledge and wisdom to the customer as a matter of everyday service.  Our product is to provide the highest performance packaging tailor fit to the client’s application, and at the most affordable price.  Only knowledge of the product, the product application, and the market will facilitate such service.

Commercial Aggressiveness
To be commercially aggressive, Tekna Packaging provides not only the services noted above; but also goes the “extra mile” for our clients.  This is exemplified by such things as face-to-face meetings even when significant travel is involved, adherence to a standard of quality above the industry, being a problem-solver for our client, and looking for ways to reduce our client’s costs and lead times.  Above all, Tekna is a business “of people” working “with people” – this means that we work towards our client’s success beyond the current sales opportunity. This fact is never lost in the endeavor for aggressiveness.

Absolute Ethics
Being absolutely Ethical, Tekna does not “cut corners” in the pursuit of monetary gain.  In each sales situation, our goal is to deliver more than what our client asks, for the agreed price. Our client’s are included in all decision making regarding cost, roles and responsibilities, materials specifications, and quality control.  We treat people as we would like to be treated – openly, honestly, and fairly.